Woodford County of Illinois

The Veterans Assistance Commission of Woodford County (VACWC) is an
agency authorized by Illinois Law which operates at the County level for the
purpose of providing consistent services and assistance to any eligible county
Veterans (or their widow) as prescribed by 330 ILCS 45 ILLINOIS MILITARY

The VAC office consists of one part-time VA accredited Service Officer, sometimes a work-
study intern who receives minimum wage, paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The VAC office has a governing board referred to in the law as the "Commission".  The mem-
bership of the commission board consists of a Delegate and alternate from each endorsing veterans organization that operates within Woodford County.  Annually the commission board selects an Executive Board, consisting of a President, Vice-President and Treasurer.  The candidates are selected from the Commission membership.  The Commission Board also selects and elects the Superintendent of the VACWC, who serves a four-year term of office.  This candidate must be an honorably discharged Veteran.  The Superintendent also serves as the Secretary of the VACWC.

The VACWC board approves the operating policies and annual budget.  VACWC meetings are normally held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM, prior to each meeting of The American Legion of Woodford County Council.  Meetings in 2015 are held at the Post #463 building of Roanoke, Illinois.

Bruce E Still, Jr, President
Email: wcvac2@woodford-county.org 

Rodney Nauman, Vice-President/Vice-Chairman
Email:  bnauman@mtco.com

Richard Livingston, Treasurer